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Flexible February Poke Bowl

Here’s another delicious recipe by Liza from The New Food in Town!

As a child, I was always doing splits on the living room floor, or while waiting to enter a classroom, I’d slip into a split in the cold tiled school halls. I was great at bending backwards to do a standing bridge. And I could bounce from cartwheels and do somersaults. I was also into ballet and had good form doing an arabesque and quite a steady développé. But of course, I was a young girl, and could touch my forehead to my knees and thought I could do it till my fifties. WRONG!

Now, close to it (fifty), somewhere between quitting ballet and growing up, I sat at computers and there was less physical activity. I also developed terrible habits, like grabbing fast food instead of real food. If there ever was any physical activity, I might have skipped the stretch and just got on with whatever workout or game I was playing. I was prone to injury with the lifestyle and the nutrition I neglected as a younger person. Lesson learned! I have just recently started yoga sessions, taking my stretches seriously, and mindfully choosing my food to bring back some flexibility.

Poke bowls have been a recent (the last five years!) trend, and the fun in making your own is to fill it up with stuff you like, and stuff that’s good for you. Here’s my Flexible February Poke Bowl with my special tamari sauce. This bowl is filled with almost all of my favourite things but feel free to add what you have in stock: some poke bowls have salmon or tuna in them. Makarel would work well too. Add orange segments if you’d like a bit of sweetness. I added purple yam just because I love them. Sweet potato is good too. Hummus, or whole chickpeas adds a nutty flavour and texture to contrast the bowl. Seeds such as sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are excellent and they add crunch. Spinach of course, or kale, cavolo nero, and watercress are all good sources of Omega-3. Have fun building your own bowl or follow the recipe below, and tag us on IG and @lizaq_thenewfoodintown and show us your flexible and fun bowl creations.

Part 1: Poke Bowl Ingredients
One block of firm tofu for frying (or steamed tofu), cut to bite size pieces
1 cup of neutral oil, for the tofu
A handful of baby spinach
Half a largeish purple yam, or sweet potato, steamed and cubed
Edamame, steamed
Pumpkin sticks, steamed
Avocado, sliced
Hummus, optional
Furikake or roasted sesame seeds, shredded nori sheet

Part 2: Tamari Sauce
1/3 cup honey or maple syrup
1/3 cup tamari
3/4 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon fresh grated ginger
1/3 cup water
1 tablespoons cornstarch + 2 tablespoons of water mixed together

Build  your bowl with ingredients in the first part. Get creative and use what you fancy.

To add flavour to your poke bowl, make your tamari sauce mixture by mixing all the ingredients except the cornstarch in a pan set on low heat. Once the mixture starts to bubble, add the cornstarch mixture and thicken. Set aside to cool. Drizzle over the poke bowl. Enjoy!

You can also find out more about Liza on her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram for lots of food inspiration.

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