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Ice, ice baby

Liza has a new recipe for us, and it’s a really easy one to make. But she found out just how challenging it can be to resist something so delicious.

Ice, ice baby!

The warmer days are here, and that means long queues at ice cream shops, or some packets of rocket ice lollies from the supermarket. But why not make your own? Ice lollies are quick and easy to make, and you know exactly what goes into them.


Fruit: kiwi, berries, pineapple, pomegranate, or any seasonal fruit (the more colourful, the prettier it will look)
Fresh mint
Ice lolly containers (even plastic cups will do)
Popsicle sticks
Any kind of fruit juice, or aloe vera juice


Chop the fruit into small pieces and distribute evenly into the ice lolly containers.

Pour the fruit juice into the containers until it almost reaches the top.

Put the ice lolly stick in right before freezing.

If using glass containers, wrap the containers with plastic film and tear a slip with a sharp knife, just enough for the stick to get through.

Freeze and enjoy a few hours later!

The Challenge!

Guava is a fruit I grew up with and it is refreshing as much as it is delicious, so I decided to make some guava ice lollies.  Finally, after hours of waiting, they were ready!

When I took them out of the freezer,  I realized that I’d forgotten to put the popsicle sticks in them. But the smell of the guava filled the room and I was taken back to my
childhood when I would pick ripe guava from my grandmother’s garden.

They looked and smelled so good, but how could I get them out of the containers?

The smart side of me said, “Just lick them.”

So there I was, like the boy in The Christmas Story who licked the lamp-post in the school playground at sub-zero temperatures, tongue stuck to the ice.

And then, the other smarter side of my brain said, “Quick, tear your tongue away from the ice lollies!”

The result? One very sore tongue!

Professional tip

If you ever end up with your tongue stuck to an ice lolly, just run some warm water over the affected area until you can gently peel yourself away.

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