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Try-outs with Eindhoven Raptors

Our local American football team, the Eindhoven Raptors, are offering a number of free try-out sessions for both juniors and seniors.

Here’s what the Raptors have posted on Facebook:

Join our free try-outs to experience our awesome sport: American Football.

During the tryouts you will come in contact with the various aspects of the sport (catching, running, blocking and of course tackling.)

To ensure your safety everyone is obligated to wear a mouthpiece during practice. These are available on location for €2,50 (payment in cash please) and can be re-used.

Also bring your field shoes (if you have those) and sports clothes.

We are having tryouts for both our Juniors (-19) and Seniors (19+).

Juniors starting from 19:30 till 21:00.
Seniors starting from 20:00 till 22:00.

Try to be 15 min early for Juniors!
Try to be 30 min early for seniors!

We would appreciate if you could also send a mail to to ensure we know of your arrival.

The try-outs will be held on the following Tuesday evenings:

12 September, 26 September, 10 October

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