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Sunrise Cycling

The early bird catches the worm, and also gets the best photos! So why not channel your inner bird and join Eindhoven Cycling Tours for their Sunrise Photography Cycling Tour this Sunday, 15 October.

Maurice, the owner of Eindhoven Cycling Tours, has dubbed this as the trip that no one will join! Now who doesn’t like a guide with a sense of humour? I guess you need one to get up so early at the weekend, right?!

Joking aside, what better way to energize yourself on Sunday morning? Maurice will guide you out of the city to the Gulberg in Nuenen – the highest point in Brabant. Your bikes will be locked at the bottom of the hill and you’ll walk up to snap some photos.

A regular city bike is more than adequate but you will need to wear some boots or sturdy shoes to get up the hill as the ground  is slippery and soft.

The meeting point is the Underdog Cafe, Kerkstraat 28 at 06:45. The whole trip will take about 2.5hours and costs 5.

You can register via their Facebook page. Also check them out on Instagram for some cool photos from their previous tours.

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