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Spotlight on Bar Battles at Emoves

Bar Battles will be held on Saturday 17 June as part of the Emoves Urban Culture Festival.

I had a chat to André Smits from Calisthenics Eindhoven who gave me the lowdown on the Bar Battles.

“The Bar Battles is a Calisthenics and Street Workout competition for beginners and experts. Calisthenics/Street Workout is based on exercises with your own body weight. There are freestyle battles and there is a strict form competition. During the freestyle battles the contestants battle each other and try to show some cool tricks on the bars. There are 3 different categories for the strict form battles; Pull-ups, Push-ups and Dips. With each category the contestant gets 100 seconds to do strict or clean repetitions.”

This year’s Bar Battles is an international affair, with competitors coming from not only the Netherlands, but also Belgium, Germany, France, and even as far away as Colombia. It is open for both males and females between 16 and 35.

So why should we go and watch?

“The battles are very spectacular for spectators because they will see a combination of strength, flexibility and creativity. You could compare a calisthenics freestyle battle with gymnastics, but wilder and more creative.”

Calisthenics Eindhoven trains at the Urban Sport Park at Elburglaan 53 almost every day and they welcome anyone who’s interested to go down and take a look or join one of their group training sessions. Admittedly, I have an image of Calisthenics – it’s only for super strong, fit men. But André puts this preconception to rest.

“Everyone can start with Calisthenics; no matter the age, sex or strength. Some people think they have to be very strong to start with Calisthenics but that is definitely not true and we would like to prove that to you by inviting you to train with us.”

I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to train with them, but if you are, send an email to!

I will, however, be checking them out at the Emoves Festival tomorrow. See you there?

Bar Battles: Saturday 17 June at 18 Septemberplein from 11:00 – 18:00. Free for spectators.

Still need convincing? Here’s last year’s Bar Battles after movie. Amazing!

Find more info about Calisthenics Eindhoven on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube

Photo and video by Jabbit Visuals

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