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Running and funning at GLOW

A fun pre-party and warm up, a luminous run with a few thousand friends, and a top celebration at the finish line.

All good things come to those who GLOW

The third edition of the GLOW Run was something special. Maybe because it was my first time? Maybe because I got to share it with two new friends, Mel and Bart?

It could also be because we fun-runners followed the beautiful light-art route around our fair city? And that included the iconic PSV stadium as well as the beautifully decorated, 150 year old Catherina Church.

Maybe it was  the last kilometer in the rain? The satisfaction of a night run? The medal? The organization? The volunteers who cheered us on? The musicians who warmed us up and welcomed us at the end? The after party?

Or just bundle them all up into one warm, fuzzy, glowing slideshow that was one of the highlight runs of the year?

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Thanks to GLOW Run Eindhoven for the free entry and Mel Lakerveld for the photos.

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