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R.E.D January Week One Wrap Up!

The first week is of R.E.D January is done and dusted!

Actually, 8 days are done, and what can I say? Some days I’ve had to convince myself to get out (hello cold) and other days have been a breeze. But that’s life, right?

There’s no pressure with this challenge, and for me, that’s a real bonus. It’s all in my hands of how much I want to do, and despite the name, what kind of exercise I want to do. So far, I’ve run, walked, and cycled. It’s been good to mix it up, and hopefully that will mean I can avoid injuries as well. But one of the best things? My kids also love getting out and running or walking with me. Winning!

So January has started on a really positive note and I’m looking forward to the coming week. How about you? Has 2018 started well? I’d love to hear all about it!

If you’d like to follow along daily with my R.E.D January journey, come on over to Eindhoven in Motion on Instagram!

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