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Ladies Run Eindhoven

Today I have a guest blogger. Carianne is a fellow international in Eindhoven and on Sunday 5 June, she and her friend Carina (both pictured above), sweated through the Ladies Run in Eindhoven.

Hundreds of women ran 5km, 7.5km or 10km and raised  €10 675 for the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Congratulations ladies!

Here is Carianne’s take on the event:

“I had the privilege of running again this year in the Pink Ribbon Ladies Run. If last year could be described as balmy, it was most definitely red hot this year on Sunday at 10.30am. All set up for the 5 km run ahead, I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d cope with these much warmer temps. I’m relatively new to this jogging business, having accidentally-on-purpose stumbled into it. About three years ago on a visit to my Dublin in laws, I was out early on a crispy cold December morning realising that I couldn’t get warm enough doing my usual power walk. So in an effort to warm up a bit, I broke into a jog and challenged myself onwards to the next power pole, hoping no one was watching. I walked the next distance and then jogged again, and so on, repeat x50! Nowadays I can run 5 km without hyper ventilating. Gone are my gym bunny days, and I’m surprisingly addicted to the road!

The Ladies Run is ideal, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a well-oiled runner. It’s for a great cause, and you can choose between 5, 7.5 or 10 km distance. The atmosphere is charged with excitement, anticipation, and support – since most of us probably know someone or have a loved one who has wrestled with cancer.

It’s useful to “like” their Facebook page so you’re in the loop with updates, although they will email you with general information. By registering early, running numbers will be posted to your home addresses, which avoids having to queue up at the venue and getting there even earlier. Plus, if you’re like me, you’re not too handy with pinning numbers on shirts on the spot!  This year the Start/Finish line was on Torenallee in Strijp-S, and the SX Gebouw housed all the facilities. Unlike last year’s Klokgebouw venue, this building is maze-like so you have to search around a little if you haven’t studied the low-resolution map emailed to you. If you see a long line for the toilet, keep in mind there are other facilities in the building, possibly with shorter queues!

This year, thankfully, there was a water post for the 5km runners which was well positioned because it also marked the sudden splitting of the course into the 5km and 7.5 km sections, and believe me, my friend and I paid attention to that! Linksaf!

There was a notable presence of First Aid (EHBO) attendants on bikes. Philips de Jongh wandelpark provided much desired shade, and it was a pleasure to jog through this picturesque area. In fact, the route this year was much better, avoiding the exposed stretch along Beukenlaan in the last kilometre.

The crowd support along the way was wonderful.  A brass percussion band played near the entrance of the park, fathers held their babies waiting for partners to pass by. Strangers cheered us on, “kom op dames, jullie zijn bijna daar!”, usually just at the point when you were starting to wilt and could do with some encouragement. The Dutch can definitely be proud of themselves.

I look forward to next year and getting my pink on again!”

Thanks so much for writing this great post, Carianne, and for being my very first guest blogger!

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