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Get in Touch Afternoon

Last week I was invited by Carola Eijsenring of the fabulous Get in Touch program, to talk all about this blog of mine, the reasons I started it, and all the sporty opportunities in and around Eindhoven. Here’s what Carola wrote about the afternoon.

Yesterday an inspiring Get in Touch meetup. I’d invited as our guest Lenise Collimore, initiator of the interesting blog ‘Eindhoven in Motion’. She talked about her life as an expat from Australia. At a certain time, she got fed up with an endless search for jobs without success. Then she decided to not let it get her down. She sought some other useful fulfilment. When she found out that there was no English info available in Eindhoven about sports, she decided to do it herself. So she started her own blog ‘Eindhoven in Motion’. In this blog she spreads the word about sport events, sport clubs, sport courses, opportunities to do sport yourself and/or your kids, and personal stories about sport experiences. Very useful and inspiring!

Her story led to a great sharing of experiences among each other in Get in Touch, about how to get yourself up and again when you feel stuck in your house, how to cope with your new life, how to overcome feeling down and all about facing the challenges of living abroad! We exchanged awesome stories and tips, hilarious examples, and inspired each other to find our own way to build up a meaningful life again, and how to support each other within and outside Get in Touch. Thanks all 🙂

Thanks so much to Carola and Get in Touch for a wonderful opportunity to share my personal story and to talk (a lot!) about this blog. Thanks also to the lovely ladies who came along, listened, and shared their own inspiring stories.

To read more about Get in Touch, visit their Facebook page and their website.

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