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10 days, 10 ways

We have just 10 days left in August, so we’re counting down 10 ways for you to get back into the swing of things, or for you to find something new to do. Each day we will feature an activity you can join, or an upcoming event you can sign up for.

Number 10

This is one we have featured on the blog before, but is such a good one that it’s worth another mention. EindjeRennen.

Organized by Trail Runners Brabant, EindjeRennen is on every other week, it’s free, and there’s beer at the end. You can choose to run the longer route – between 11 & 13 km, or the shorter one which is between 5 & 7 km. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, as long as you can run the entire distance without stopping.

Further details

Next EindjeRennen: Wednesday 22 August (yes, tonight!) at 20:00

Meeting place: Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven, Bleekweg 1, 5611 CZ, Eindhoven

Register: On Facebook

This is a free event and participation is at your own risk.

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