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There’s always time to kickbox

It’s no secret that I like to box, so when the opportunity came up to try out kickboxing at Personal Physique I wasn’t about to knock it back.

A warm welcome on a cold night

I turned up on a chilly Wednesday evening to a very warm welcome – from the owner of the studio, Tessa, the trainers, and the other people in the class. First impressions: friendly, welcoming, and a well-equipped studio space.

Not just kickboxing

The trainer of the kickboxing lesson, Richard, explained to me that the class focused on a few different things. Of course, kickboxing moves, but also some cardio and strength work. It is in fact a Kickboxing Bootcamp!

After a warm up that got the blood pumping, we got stuck in. Boxing gloves on, we practiced some punches including different sequences of jabs and hooks. Gloves off, we were into some core work (think sit ups, planks) as well as some strength work (walking lunges with medicine balls, squats, push-ups). Kicking practice followed, and although I felt I couldn’t kick as hard as I wanted to, this was my favourite part of the class. I’ve done my fair share of boxing over the years, but this was the first time kickboxing, so learning this was really fun. We did a bit more core and strength work, and then the hour was up and we were cooling down. How fast a class goes when it’s so good!

Worth it?

Definitely! This isn’t a class for the strict kickboxing crowd, but for people who want to learn some punching and kicking techniques alongside a great workout. This is also a super sociable, professional, and welcoming studio. Highly recommended.

Want to know more?

Kickboxing Bootcamp is on every Wednesday evening from 20.00 to 21.00

Check out their website for more information on other classes, the trainers, costs etc (all in Dutch). You can also find Personal Physique on  Facebook and Instagram.

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