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Stretch and Flexibility Class

There’s a new Stretch and Flexibility class starting in March at Only SHE Fitness. But a couple of members (or guinea pigs?!) were given a preview class last week.

Nobody seems to stretch anymore!

I try out quite a few different sports and fitness classes around Eindhoven, and it’s rare to find anywhere that includes stretching time at the end of a class. I’ve asked a few trainers why, and mostly I’ve been told that walking or biking home is a great way to loosen up your muscles after a workout. And it makes sense. Because what is a few minutes of static stretching really going to do? But what can I do when my muscles are screaming for a good stretch?

Enter: Stretch and Flexibility classes

Monique, one of the trainers and co-owners of Only SHE Fitness, will be leading the class. She used to practice yoga to help increase her flexibility alongside all her strength and CrossFit training. She explains that flexibility and mobility help prevent injuries, improve posture and balance, and also help with relaxation. There were some recognizable yoga poses during our lesson, but as Monique notes, a lot of stretching and mobility exercises are based on yoga so these will be incorporated into the classes. These kinds of exercises are also beneficial for good sleeping habits. You can reduce your stress and cortisol levels by regulating your breathing, relaxing in certain poses, and focusing on your body.

Not flexible? No problem!

“My advice is to make stretching a regular part of your week, don’t try to force anything but try to improve bit by bit. Feel comfortable in what you’re doing and enjoy the feeling afterwards and the benefits along the way.” – Monique van Eekeren


Class times: Tuesdays 10:00 and Thursdays 18:00

Location: Only SHE Fitness, Boschdijk 738, Eindhoven

If you’d like a free trial lesson, head over to their website to register. You can also follow Only SHE Fitness on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, updates, and special offers!

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