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Senet Diving Cup 2017

The 18th edition of the Senet Diving Cup took place from 2 – 5 February here in Eindhoven and I was lucky enough to be on the guest list for the last day of action. What a treat it was!

Amazing athletes

Divers really are in a league of their own. Strength? Check. Acrobatics? Check. Balance? Check. Flexibility? Check. Grace? Check. Fearless? Check!

A few (very basic) rules

Each dive is scored from 0 – 10 and is based on approach, take off, flight, entry into the water, and degree of difficulty.

Competitors have to complete six dives in a round, and each dive must be from one of the following groups: forward, backward, reverse, inward, twisting and arm-stand.  Here’s a short video from the 1m Men’s Final, performed by Dylan Vork from the Dolfijn Diving Club. I was so impressed with so many aspects of his dive but I’m still not sure which group it belongs in? Forward? Twisting? What do you think?

Finals fever

Seven finals were held on Sunday when I attended, so I had the chance to watch a lot of top class divers, from the 1m springboards all the way to the 10m platform. Out of all these men and women, boys and girls, what struck me the most was the Girls C Platform. These girls are aged 12 to 13, and dive from the 5m and 7.5m. I remember jumping off one of the high platforms when I was a kid, but to be able to dive so beautifully at such a young age, it really is amazing. Such champions already!

And the Senet Diving Cup goes to…

The Swiss Diving Team. They scored the most points overall throughout the 4 day competition. Congratulations!

Runners up in 2nd place were PSV (Go Eindhoven!!) and 3rd place RCOP (Belarus).

Check out the Senet Diving Cup on Facebook for more information, and while you’re there, take a look at Eindhoven in Motion for a couple more videos.

This article was also published on Eindhoven Sport.

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