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Motivation – how to find it when we lose it?

Some days I just don’t have it. I get snowballed with work, family life, and for the past couple of weeks – holidays! And I can procrastinate with the best of them. “I don’t have time”, I say. “I will do it tomorrow”, I tell myself, unconvincingly.

And the more I do this, the less motivation I have. And the less motivation I have, the more I put things off. And the more I put things off, the worse I feel. It can affect my sleep, my mood, my concentration, and my choices.

For me, exercise and motivation are tightly linked. If I don’t get a good dose of movement in my day, I can’t quite keep up with anything. But what happens when I don’t have the motivation to exercise? How do I find it again?

Here are 5 tips that work for me

  1. I get dressed in my workout clothes in the morning. These clothes aren’t what I’d wear to work, or a meeting, or even dropping my kids off at school. So I need to do something in them before anything else. If I move first thing in the morning, I’m guaranteed a more productive day.
  2. I plan my day. Not so much with an extensive to-do list, but with small, manageable goals. This can include anything from ‘eat breakfast – 20 minutes; work – 2 hours; run – 30 min; shower – 10 min; lunch – 30 min…’ You get the idea! Including these clear (and very simple) goals and time frames really helps me to manage my day, and it ensures that I get in some form of exercise. And crossing each thing off really gives me a sense of achievement, even if it is knowing that I took time to eat!
  3. Organize to exercise with friends. If someone is expecting me, I’m less likely to find an excuse not to go. No one wants to let down a friend, right?
  4. Join a sports group / club. If I pay money for something, I’m definitely going to turn up for it!
  5. Join an online group. I found a couple of Facebook groups that really help motivate me. One I really like is called This Girl Can. People share their tips, struggles, and achievements. And although I don’t share much myself, I find a ton of motivation on this page.

Bonus Tip!

We live in a city that is amazingly easy and safe to get around by bike. Buy one. Borrow one. Bike instead of taking the car. Your body will thank you, and so will the environment!

I’d love to know what motivates you? How do you get it back when you’ve lost it? Share your tips here in the comments section or with our Eindhoven in Motion Facebook community.

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