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Let’s Make It Personal!

This month we’re getting personal, and who better to talk to than a Personal Trainer? Our expert for September is Kim van den Broek, owner of The Gym in the Microlab in Strijp S.

Send help!

I visited Kim in her new gym first thing on a Monday morning, and only five days after coming back to Eindhoven from a long and over indulgent holiday. Secretly I was just hoping we’d have a chat, but she had told me to wear workout clothes. What was I getting myself in for? Call for help!

Positive vibes are infectious!

The first thing I noticed was her passion for her work, and even though I wasn’t feeling like any kind of challenging workout, her energy and enthusiasm definitely rubbed off. She makes you want to get up and go, even when you least feel like it.

And get up and go I did!

Putting the personal back into training

After an initial assessment, Kim tailors her Personal Training sessions around each client’s needs and wants, while also working through three key phases¬† – balance, strength, and power.

“We work from the inside out, and make all the muscles work. We start with balance and there will be less weight but more repetition. The strength phase uses more weight with fewer reps, and then the power phase involves faster, more explosive movements.”

In the session she gave me after our chat, Kim took me through a few exercises that incorporated these three things. Some examples: Balancing on a Bosu ball while she threw a medicine ball in different directions that I had to catch; battle ropes; lifting dumbbells while lying on a Fit Ball, speed ladder combinations, and squat jumps. It’s safe to say I worked up quite a post holiday sweat.

Added extras

In addition, Kim offers workout and nutrition apps, and all clients have access to these.

“You can use the workout app when you’re on holidays, for example, or if you would like something extra during your regular week. The nutrition app is customized to your training and is a balance of carbs, protein, and fats. I can see what you’re eating and give feedback to help you stay on track.”

Kim also realizes that sometimes everyone needs a little extra motivation or help, so she is always available to her clients via text.

And if PT isn’t enough? You can also join her bootcamp on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings!

Further Info

You can contact Kim for a free intake / assessment via or give her a call on 06 21 93 62 20.

You can also follow and contact her on Instagram and Facebook.

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