Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee?

Not quite! But I definitely learned a few good ways to punch and defend myself when I tried out a boxing class with Light Town Fit last week.

Benefits of boxing

Of course it’s great for your arms, but that is not all you use when you box. Your core, legs and heart will all get a good workout, too. It can also help with hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and overall strength. Had a stressful day at work, school, or with your kids? Boxing can help relieve a lot of stress and tension, too!

Getting started

The warm up was another exercise that seems to go hand in hand with boxing. Rope skipping. Eight glorious minutes of it. And not just regular jumping, but also doing high knees, butt kicks, and some other complicated moves that got me tangled up in my rope. The other people in the class didn’t seem to have quite the same problem, though!

Get in the ring?

There’s no ring in sight, just gloves and pads, and plenty of enthusiasm. Patrick, the instructor, demonstrated what we had to do, then in pairs, we did it. Jabs, upper cuts, hooks, straight arm punches. Easy right? It is if you know about boxing, but if not, the other instructor, Danielle, will teach you the basics. You’ll get to practise different punching techniques, defence movements and the correct stance. Once you’re ready, you can join the others in the class.

It’s not all about punching

In between rounds was the time to build strength: Planks, sit ups, wall sits, pulling your partner across the room, push ups. All these things that make you groan but feel better for doing them. That is until the next day when your muscles ache so bad you feel like you can’t get out of bed, let alone make it down stairs. Maybe that’s just me?

The Lowdown

Light Town Fit holds boxing classes on Tuesday evenings from 20:00-21:15 at Klipperstraat 1 and on Thursday evenings from 19:30-20:45 at Barrierweg 1a. You can do a trial lesson for free before deciding if boxing is the sport for you. Get in touch with Patrick or Danielle via their website or Facebook.

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