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A different kind of bootcamp

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a bootcamp with LightTown Fit. But this was not your usual bootcamp. It was better!

I’m a big fan of bootcamps. I love exercising outdoors, and I enjoy training with other people who will also happily turn up rain, hail or shine.  I also like running (or in my case, shuffling), but I usually do this alone.

LightTown Fit actually combines bootcamp with running. It’s genius! And what’s more, you get to see different parts of Eindhoven each week, because the routes are always changed. It’s a great way to discover parts of the city that you might not even know about.

I had met trainer Patrick once before when I tried out a boxing class. If that class was anything to go by, I knew I was in for a fun but difficult workout in what he calls the ‘city bootcamp’.

There were six of us in the group, but I was the only one who wasn’t too keen on the idea of a 10ish km run! I was hoping for about five, but hey, you can’t always get what you want. And besides, it’s good to challenge yourself, right?

We ran through parkland and city streets, the university grounds and the train station! We did walking lunges along the ‘Silly Walk’ tunnel, dips in the city center, box jumps near the City Hall, and push ups overlooking the Dommel. And we ran. 9.58kms, to be exact!

The group was super friendly, and super fit! To join, you really need a good level of fitness and to be able to run comfortably for at least 30 minutes. The others slowed down for me a lot of the time, so I had a chance to have good chat to most of them along the way.

If you’re looking for a top workout with a great bunch of people, I highly recommend you try it out!

Time: Monday, 20.00 – 21.00ish

Place: It changes every week!


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