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Dear January

You were grey. You were challenging. You gave me a stinking cold. You certainly didn’t give me sunshine.

True to form, your last day was wet and windy. And cold. I was pretty much over your sullen mood before the 31st even rolled around. But roll around it did, and I was ready and waiting, and I kicked your grumpy butt out the door.

I, however, can’t take all the credit. So here’s a shout out to my friend, fellow Red-er and blogger of Life of Me(l) for all her motivation and support during our R.E.D January. Then let’s add the 20,000+ runners, walkers, swimmers, yogis, dancers, movers and shakers who also beat your blues. Because, dear January, that’s what R.E.D is for.

We coloured over your grey. We accepted your challenge. We didn’t let some germs stop us. We shone so brightly.

So thanks for the lessons.

We’ll see you next year.

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