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And relax…

I think we all need to regularly stop, take stock, rest and recuperate. And what better way to do this than with a massage?

Neeltje Elizabeth and I have some mutual contacts, and she kindly offered me a massage recently. This was an offer I could never refuse! And it was perfect timing. I’d recently increased the number of workouts I do and my body was feeling it. I needed some rest and I needed it badly.

Neeltje is one very busy woman – she not only runs her own massage business, she also is a trainer for Mom in Balance Eindhoven, and is a mum of three young kids. It’s safe to say that she understands what it’s like to be constantly on the go! On the flip side, she also understands why we should all incorporate rest days into our lives, and she summed it up perfectly:

“You have to charge an empty battery before you can use it again.”

Indeed! She went on to further explain:

“Rest is important after exercise because the body needs to be given the opportunity to process your training. Your body builds its strength during rest periods, not during workouts. Even if you aren’t athletic, your body has to perform everything. It needs to be restored.”

Neeltje is unique because she comes to your house. She brings everything – table, oils, towels. You don’t have to worry about a thing. She offers three kinds of massages: a classic revitalizing massage for active women; a relaxing pregnancy massage for mums-to-be; and a relaxing massage for new mums. Sorry guys, this is for women only!

I got the classic massage and it was wonderful. The right amount of pressure and a bit more work on my right side which is always tighter than my left! It was an hour of bliss. What I also loved was being in the comfort of my own home. Knowing that I didn’t have to go out into the hustle and bustle afterwards was fantastic. I could curl up on my couch with a tea and keep the relaxation going.

So if your battery is running low, why don’t you take some time out for yourself? After all, you deserve it.

You can read more about Neeltje Elizabeth, her services, prices, and how to book a massage on her website, or like / follow her on Facebook.

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