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A time to play!

Kids get sick = I get sick = no chance of real exercise = little motivation.

It’s not the ideal formula, but it’s been mine over the past couple of weeks. And let’s not mention timing. It’s never the right time to get a chest infection, but even more so when my first Strong Viking Obstacle Run (the mud edition, no less) is fast approaching. And by fast approaching I mean it’s this Saturday. So I’ve been looking at my training schedule and wishing I hadn’t got sick, or had more time. But I did, and I don’t! I’m not a giving up kind of person though, and this is definitely not a giving up kind of post!

Screw the schedule, it’s time to play!

I looked at all the training I’d missed on my carefully planned schedule. Then I screwed up the paper it was written on. You see, just yesterday I read this. It’s all about playing and finding adventure outdoors. No, it’s not about kids, it’s about us adults.

“Somewhere, somehow along the path into adulthood, we forgot, exercise is more about play and enjoyment, than slogging it out to lose weight, get fit, look sexy etc. As adults we sit more, move less and get outside rarely in a day if at all.  When this happens, we quickly lose our joy of movement and with it our body’s freedom. We stop exploring and accept what we see at eye level as the way the world is. We miss the everyday adventures of life, the fun and eventually lose the big kid inside us all.”

Why was I so obsessed with following my training schedule and annoyed that I had to miss a bunch of sessions? Don’t get me wrong, I like training. I like to have a plan, go to exercise classes, see my running results on an app. But when do I really play?

Today, that’s when.

Scaling a climbing frame, running through (and almost losing my shoe) in mud, jumping on a wobbly plank, swinging around some bars, splashing through every puddle I could find, running up and down a hilly BMX track, walking (and balancing) along a fence. OK, I also jogged through some parkland and did a bit of strength work too, but most of my time was playing. And laughing. I may have looked like a weirdo to all the dog walkers who were out and about, but who cares. I had FUN.

Sometimes it’s good to follow a training plan, but sometimes it’s good to find your inner kid. It’s in all of us, I’m sure. Do you want to find yours? Then make today your day to play!

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