About Us

Lenise, Eindhoven in Motion

I’m Lenise, a writer / proofreader /translator from Australia, living in Eindhoven since mid 2014. I have loved playing sport for as long as I can remember – water polo, gymnastics, basketball, tennis, hockey, competitive swimming, Pilates, athletics, running – the list goes on!

I have spent most of my adult life living away from ‘home’ – in Finland, Japan, the UK, Turkey, and here in the Netherlands. I’ve also had the good fortune to travel extensively through Australia, New Zealand, the US, Europe and Asia.

Sport is how I make myself feel at home, wherever I am, and it’s how I meet new friends. I have fond memories of the swimming club in in Japan, jogging through the streets of Istanbul, water polo training at 6am in Sydney. Here in Eindhoven I love my running group, the fitness studio I go to, and doing fun events like Strong Viking!

I hope to discover as much as I can in Eindhoven and share this information with anyone who is also looking for a new sport to try out!

LizaQ, The New Food In Town

Hi! Hoi! Hallo! Hello! Kamusta? I’m Liza. I am a mixed bag of things and cultures. I am first of all very Filipino because I am (Filipino!) but have been adopted by the stampod-eaters, the Dutch. I live in Eindhoven and I enjoy it. But I often miss home. I miss Manila and other places I’ve lived, and I miss people and local food. Funnily enough, I also miss food I’ve never had or even food in places I’ve never been but I am led to the specialty stores to recreate them. I am a cook, a baker, and a mum! I enjoy the outdoors, but equally love being indoors. I mean, where’s the kitchen, right?

I run my business called The New Food In Town, where I introduce (to my clients) unfamiliar flavours or the combination of, and also cuisines that haven’t yet been explored here. Cooking is like child’s play to me, mixing, crossing cuisines, experimenting what will work and taste great. I borrow recipes and make my own. I try to recreate healthy food, and I can’t say I stick to trendy diets. My style in cooking (and eating for that matter) is to eat what’s good for you, to understand your body, and know what works best. A bit of the bad won’t kill you. I do not believe in fad diets, or the promise of quick weight loss. There is no such thing. But there is good nutrition, there is exercise, and there is responsibility, which is the language we speak when we talk about staying healthy. I believe in creating food that can sustain a lifestyle of balance, that brings satisfaction, that fuels more (outdoor) activity, and promotes a craving for more of the good stuff!

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