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Don’t stop in December!

December already?! How are you finishing off 2018? Are you making it count?

Over the last month or so I have suffered a few setbacks, which have left me resting more than I would like, but also understanding that it was necessary for my health. This blog has also been a bit neglected.

But now the worst is over, it’s onwards and upwards! It’s time to finish off 2018 with a bang!

Sometimes it’s hard to get back into exercise after time off. Sometimes it’s hard to get out when you’d rather lounge around after a long day at work. And sometimes, the cold, wind, rain, frost, and short days mean motivation is low. What are your solutions?

Mine? The best one, hands down, is to exercise with friends. Not only is someone else relying on you, but time passes way more quickly with friends. And that’s exactly how I kicked off December, running with my (very chatty) friend Mel.

So grab a friend and keep moving. Let’s make December count!

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